Resin Statues – Simply Love Collection

With simplicity and quiet dignity, Jay Rotberg's love sculptures and gift creations capture love in a hug, depict abandon and joy, convey love and understanding, and inspire strength and hope. Jay says he tries to be a "purveyor of love."

Jay Rotberg designs his sculptures to emphasize vitality, movement, and love. Rotberg says, "I choose the abstract to nudge the viewer's imagination, to encourage them to bring their own reality of love to my sculptures." Rotberg's resin sculptures are finished in a bronze verdigris patina directly cast from wax. His gift sculptures reflect his beliefs, interests, and loves - the closeness of family, the power of faith, and the unpredictability and delightful itineraries of love relationships.

"My goal is to design sculptures and gifts that are stylish and a personal way to say 'We love you.' Every sculpture and gift is about love. I sculpt every piece of wax with love in mind. I try to do this through molding the wax in a way that conveys warmth, closeness, and serenity. Yes, 'This is some of the essence of love.'"

Jay has also incorporated his work into a series of sculptural keepsake urns that a provide a thoughtful and artistic way to remember your loved ones or your special pets. For more details, see Urns With a Soul.

Love You Always
The closeness and shape of this sculpture is the essence of love.
15 inches

Family Hug 3
Mom, dad, child equals love.
6 inches

My Delight
What else, up you go, I love you, I love you.
10 inches

Daddy's Little Girl
Oh my daughter, how I love you.
8.75 inches


Two sisters, or friends, confide in each other.
8.5 inches

Lovable Uni
We all love unicorns, what a great gift.
7 x 8.5 inches

My Children
Does bonding equal love? I think so.
17 inches