Father's Day Sale

All sale-priced sculptures receive free shipping.

These items are limited editions. Offer good while supplies last.

7 inches
Sale: $25.00

Embracing The Future
This sculpture was designed by Jay's daughter, Deb. It shows the warmth of love through the round and complete circular form.
5.5 inches
Sale: $24.96

Ever Faithful
10 inches
Sale: $30.00

8.5 inches
Sale: $36.00


Full Of Love
This large sculpture is vertical yet soft, depicting a family of three expressing love.
13 inches
Sale: $35.10

In Love
11.25 inches
Sale: $25.35

My Friend
6 inches
Sale: $20.00

Soaring Spirit
Jay Rotberg pays tribute to the female spirit. Soar in difficult times. Tap the vein of creativity. Lift up those around you. The indomitable female spirit rises to aesthetic heights in this large-scale Image of Love sculpture.
17.5 inches
Sale: $55.25


Special Moments
One of Jay's most popular sculptures. This gift is just wonderful. It expresses one's love and togetherness. Mom holding and loving her child, "what would be better?"
5 inches
Sale: $25.00

6.75 inches
Sale: $25.00

Twin Talk

Twice as much to love, two blessings from above.

—Author Unknown

God touched our hearts so deep inside, our special blessing multiplied.

—Author Unknown

Life is two-riffic with twins.

—Author Unknown

Not double trouble, but twice loved.

—Author Unknown

"God really did good."

—Author Jay Rotberg