Bronze Patina Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby

“Families are a joy to sculpt,” says Jay Rotberg. His art depicts family figures in moments of togetherness. Each original sculpture expresses how the power of love draws together the family—in good times and bad—and makes the family strong and an endless source of support.

Embracing The Future
This sculpture was designed by Jay's daughter, Deb. It shows the warmth of love through the round and complete circular form.
5.5 inches
Sale: $24.96

Full Of Love
This large sculpture is vertical yet soft, depicting a family of three expressing love.
13 inches
Sale: $35.10

Hold Me Tight
This sculpture, by the design and the closeness of the child, emits the feeling of love.
10.5 inches

In Gods Hand
A wonderful baby gift for the newborn. love is always in God's hand.


Loving Touch
A baby gift designed in a fluid manner to convey the emotion and the connection with love.
5.75 inches

This newborn sculpture tells us that moms are all about love. The configuration of this sculpture is tender, gentle, and shows the special bonding between mother and baby.
5 inches

Mother's Love
Sculpted originally by daughter Deb, mother of the century. Her children are her loves.
8.25 inches

My Delight
What else, up you go, I love you, I love you.
10 inches


Our Baby
Our baby says it all about love. a great newborn or baby gift. Mom, dad, and baby. You can't forget about daddy when it comes to a loving family.
9.5 inches

Soaring Spirit
Jay Rotberg pays tribute to the female spirit. Soar in difficult times. Tap the vein of creativity. Lift up those around you. The indomitable female spirit rises to aesthetic heights in this large-scale Image of Love sculpture.
17.5 inches
Sale: $55.25

Special Moments
One of Jay's most popular sculptures. This gift is just wonderful. It expresses one's love and togetherness. Mom holding and loving her child, "what would be better?"
5 inches
Sale: $25.00

Moms and Baby

My mom and baby sculptures are gifts of love. These sculptures depict the loving relationship between mom and the newborn as well as mom's ongoing love with her child. These sculptures are emotional and show the essence of bonding love between mom and baby.

These are gifts of love forever.