Gifts for Daddy

Revel in the special relationship between strong, caring fathers and their children. These are signature Rotberg pieces: full of understanding, love, and playfulness. They capture the moments of connection when Dad puts down the newspaper, comes home early from work, or spends a Saturday playing, talking to, and sharing with his child.

Daddy's Little Girl
Oh my daughter, how I love you.
8.75 inches

Father's Joy
Yes, it's a piggy back. Fathers love it, children love it. we all love it. so let's keep loving it. What a great father's day gift!
9.25 inches

Father's Love/Single Dad
Another wonderful expression of a father's love. Dad with his children. A great gift for dad. It's a loving sculpture by my daughter, Deb. This sculpture represents dad at his ever-loving best.
8 inches

Give Me Five
This is a fairly new sculpture of love, but it resounds all around us. it surely has caught on - go with it. love it, use it. it's fun - it's love.
8.5 inches


My Daddy, My Daddy
This sculpture has a light bronze-like patina. it's really pretty. It speaks for itself. a child looking at dad - dad looking at his child. We all love. It's to be treasured.
5.5 inches


My daddy sculptures and gifts depict unconditional love for his children, as shown in the "Daddy's Little Girl" sculpture, as well as the "Give Me Five" sculpture. These sculptures by design exude warmth and bring about a smile when received as a gift. My daddy sculptures are great for Father's Day, and are original gifts for a father's birthday.

These are gifts of love forever.