Anniversary & Wedding Sculpture Gifts

These sculptures define true romance. They depict an embrace, an adorning look, a kiss. Love is in the air in these Jay Rotberg originals. These sculptures define true romance and love. They say, "I want to hold your hand, I want to be with you, I'll love you - forever."

These sculptures are wonderful gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and are sculptures that show all that is great about love. They involve fiancees, husbands, wives, parents, and lovers.

This sculpture shows a couple comforting each other as a sign of their love.
6 inches

A wonderful gift for married couples, this sculpture portrays them as they share a long enduring love.

Forever Love
This sculpture exudes love between two young people. It's a wonderful anniversary gift. The closeness of the couple shows how they feel about each other and how they express their love.
8.5 inches

Fragrance of Love (Metal)
This is a special wedding gift as a couple holds each other. The flowers resonate as an expression of love and further the aura of love.
12 inches


Love Undercover
It's unique, it's fun. It is also a loving anniversary or wedding gift. Where else to show ones love but under an umbrella in the rain?
11 inches

Love is great, wherever and whenever you may encounter it.
9 inches

Shall We Dance
Many say that dance is the language of love without speaking - it is moving, graceful, full of spirit, happiness, and often brings about a song of love. What could be better? This sculpture is an exceptional gift for many people who are in love.
0 inches

The Kiss
An anniversary or wedding gift - it doesn't matter. it's about kissing. it's tender, it's warm, it's good stuff.
10.25 inches


The Two of Us
This sculpture, by it's design, conveys warmth, togetherness, oneness, and love. Their cup runs over with love.
11 inches


My romance sculptures are wonderful gifts for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, weddings, and events depicting your love for your number one person. These sculptures are part of my "lovey dovey" series. These include sculptures for weddings and anniversaries, which are about brides, grooms, love, kissing, embracing, flowers, comfort, and loving forever. They are warm, gentle, and will make you feel good when you receive them.

These are gifts of love forever.