It's All About Bronze!

Love and bronze are about forever. These works are vintage Rotberg. These images of love sculptures shown here abstracts love to the shear power of emotion. They play with abandonment and joy. They embrace compassion and understanding, strengthened by the power of love. They look to the future with hope.

The Judaic sculptures are traditional in nature, and yet have Rotberg's signature look of strong lines and movement. These works of art reflect religious spirit and have a recognizable history. They symbolize the timelessness of belief and the beauty of faith.

10 inches

23 inches

My Children
17 inches


21 inches

Soaring Spirit
Jay Rotberg pays tribute to the female spirit. Soaring in difficult times. Tapping the vein of creativity. Lifting up those around them. The indomitable female spirit rises to aesthetic heights in this large-scale Images of Love sculpture.
18.5 inches

The Way It Was
36 inches


22 inches